Visma acquires Priorite and expands the Finnish operations to software consulting

Visma acquires Priorite group, a Finnish consulting and software solutions company and enters the Finnish software consulting market.

Priorite Ltd. and its subsidiary Proactum Ltd. are now part of Visma, a leading Nordic software and financial management company. Visma has strong presence in software consulting and solutions markets in other Nordic countries, such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and through this acquisition, Visma expands the Finnish operations to this field.

Priorite and Proactum have grown their market share of the Finnish software consulting market with over 7,8M€ revenue in 2013. The Priorite group have a strong position in public sector and large private sector companies, with several important frame agreements.

– This acquisition strengthens Visma’s position in the Finnish market and increases the competitiveness and ability to deliver even more services to existing and new customers. Finland is a key market for Visma and we have strong growth ambitions here, CEO of Visma, Øystein Moan says.

Visma employs more than 900 people in the Finnish market and the number has been growing rapidly.

– Priorite is an excellent expansion to the Visma group, and makes it possible for us to enter the software development and consulting market; this will create great synergies for us, Moan says.

Petri Lillberg who was previously the CEO of Proactum Ltd. heads the Finnish company. According to Lillberg the new ownership provides the company with increased credibility since it is now part of an international company with 5600 employees in Northern Europe.

– Priorite has grown profitably throughout its history and the new structure further supports this growth, Lillberg says. Visma has over 500 software consultants in in the Nordic countries and together with them, we can provide a much wider service offering and competence pool in the Finnish market, he concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Carsten Boje Møller, Division Director Visma Consulting, +45 21 48 48 31

Petri Lillberg, CEO, Priorite Oy, Proactum Oy, +358 40 577 7014

About Priorite

Priorite group is a Finnish consulting and software solutions company that was established in 2006. Priorite Ltd. focuses on management- and software consulting. Priorite’s subsidiary, Proactum is a leading expert in open source software market for demanding enterprise solutions. Proactum focuses on portals and content management, e-services, case management, document management and integration solutions. The consolidated revenue of the companies in 2013 was over 7,8 M€ and the they operated in Espoo and Tampere