Visma Finland and CarbonLink are developing the first universal real-time carbon footprint calculator for organisations

Atmospheric scientists and software company Visma Finland are pioneers in a collaboration to reduce CO2 emissions. The first pilot projects of the real-time carbon footprint calculator will start soon.

CarbonLink Oy, founded by software company Visma Finland and atmospheric scientists at the University of Helsinki, is building the first real-time carbon footprint calculator for organisations.

The exceptional cooperation will result in the release of a cloud-based service which calculates an organisation's CO2 emissions based on financial data in real-time.

Visma is a minority shareholder of CarbonLink and will provide the service produced by the new company under the name “Visma Green” next year.

Effective climate actions start by surveying and understanding the carbon footprint. It has become a major competitive factor, as many organisations have made CO2 emissions a key business measure alongside revenue.

“The climate crisis is increasing year after year. The recently published IPCC report underscores the urgency of action”, says Markku T. Kulmala, one of the founders of CarbonLink and Professor of Atmospheric Sciences.

“Major societal change requires modern tools so that organisations can make a real contribution to slowing down climate change. Together, science and businesses are a huge force which we want to harness to build a better future”, Kulmala continues.

There are various open data sources available in Finland, which have been used in the research and development of the service. With the help of open data, developers have gained an understanding of the mechanisms that form the carbon footprint of an organisation.

“Our customers have raised the need for a tool that helps them to implement their responsibility strategies themselves”, says Laura Saarainen, Head of Product Management at Visma Public and a member of the board at CarbonLink.

“With the service provided by CarbonLink we help organisations to understand how their daily choices affect our planet. Organisations are able to observe their impact on the environment and identify areas that need to be addressed in day-to-day operations in order to reduce their carbon footprint”, Saarainen continues.

With the cooperation, Visma and CarbonLink want to achieve meaningful results and make a real contribution in combating climate change and building a sustainable future.

“Demand for a service like Visma Green is strong, and we are excited that our customers have already expressed their interest in piloting the new service”, Saarainen states.

For further information, please contact:
Laura Saarainen, Head of Product Management, Visma Public Oy, +358 40 969 1818,
Merli Juustila, CEO, CarbonLink Oy, +358 50 346 3139,

About Visma Green
Visma Green helps businesses monitor and measure their CO2 emissions in real-time and guides them towards a more sustainable future. Visma Green calculates the carbon footprint of an organisation´s day-to-day operations and helps understand how daily choices affect the environment. Visma Green is a service that is provided for Visma by CarbonLink Oy, a company founded by atmospheric scientists at the University of Helsinki. Visit