Visma continues to expand its ecosystem

Visma expands its offering for the public sector in Denmark by acquiring TIMEmSYSTEM, a provider of time management and planning solutions.

TIMEmSYSTEM has established a unique positioning in the market, and both their software and their customer segments align with Visma's existing business. Lars Berthelsen, Director of Visma Custom Solutions Denmark, elaborates:

"TIMEmSYSTEM will be closely connected to several of our software and consulting companies where we see apparent synergies. They deliver solutions in one of Visma’s core areas, and we also have a high degree of overlap between our customer segments."

"Over a short period of time, they have acquired an impressive positioning in their market. With their expertise, we can explore new opportunities together in the public sector area," Berthelsen continues.

TIMEmSYSTEM's Managing Director, Jan W. Badura, looks forward to a broader distribution of the company's products and the ability to make a greater impact with the support of Visma.

“We feel that TIMEmSYSTEM is a good fit with Visma, and we are confident that customers, employees and products will benefit from the new ownership," says Badura.

In recent years, Visma Custom Solutions Denmark has acquired several companies, including IMS, FirstAgenda, Ditmer, Co3 and Kapacity, and according to Lars Berthelsen, TIMEmSYSTEM will not be the last one.

"We will continue to acquire companies that fit into our ecosystem," he concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Berthelsen, Managing Director, Visma Custom Solutions, +45 607 06 050