Visma underlines focus on enterprise cloud software market in Belgium with acquisition of ionProjects

Visma, European leader in cloud solutions, has acquired ionProjects. The Belgian tech company offers service organisations a modern, functionally-rich ERP SaaS solution. ionProjects is the fifth provider of business-critical cloud software in Belgium to join Visma.

ionProjects was founded in 2010 as a developer of project management and planning software. Based on continuous user input, ionBIZ has grown into a professional cloud solution with modules for CRM, procurement, project management, resource planning, time registration and invoicing. Today, ionBIZ is a trusted resource for medium and large service providers in the consulting, finance, engineering, ICT, architecture and marketing industries.

Visma has been active in Belgium since 2020. Two years later, the Visma family includes five Belgian providers of business-critical cloud software and Belgium has become a strategic focus market for Visma. While previously acquired Belgian companies mainly focus on SMEs, ionProjects serves companies in the mid and large business segment.

Wim Stevens, co-director of ionProjects: "By joining Visma, we create an enormous growth potential for ionProjects. In particular, we see growth opportunities in the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. Also, the strong Visma brand and the cooperation with other Visma companies offer additional opportunities."

Koen Claes, co-director of ionProjects: "By joining Visma, we also get support in the further development of our API integration platform. We also offer our current and future customers continuity, now that we are part of a large European technology company, while we continue to run our own business operations."

John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma: "Belgium is at a tipping point in the next phase of digitisation of business critical processes. We are therefore very pleased and proud that ionProjects is joining Visma. The company focuses on a flexible modern software solution with extensive features for project organisations and integrations with software that is essential for healthy business operations. As a result, project organisations do not have to choose between a suite solution that does not fully cover what they really need or a best-of-breed landscape that is not connected. Making integrations creates support that really moves customers forward: make progress happen."

ionProjects will continue to operate under its own name and with its current team as an independent unit within the Visma Group. However, it will set up partnerships with Visma companies.

About ionProjects
ionProjects was founded in 2010 with one goal: to help service providers manage their administration successfully. To do so, ionProjects develops and markets the niche cloud solution ionBIZ. Today, ionBIZ is an established solution for medium and large service providers in the fields of consulting, finance, engineering, ICT, architects and marketing. ionBIZ contains different modules for CRM, procurement, items, project management, resource planning, time registration and invoicing.

About Visma
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