Visma acquires Tampuuri

Visma has acquired Agenteq Solutions Oy, developer of market-leading Tampuuri software and services. Tampuuri software is utilised for managing over a million homes and 74,000 real estate properties in Finland.

Visma has agreed to acquire Agenteq Solutions Oy from Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy. Agenteq Solutions Oy develops and sells Tampuuri, a comprehensive set of property management software and services. The company employs about 100 software employees and reached a €10 million turnover in 2017.

“A significant part of our national wealth is in property, and Visma is a strong operator supporting the digitalisation of both construction and real estate management. Digital solutions take centre stage as property management gains complexity due to new technology and the growing demands of residents”, says Visma Software Oy’s Managing Director Juha Mäntylä.

Tampuuri operations will form a separate Visma subsidiary under the SMB division. Tampuuri Business Unit Director Juha Raitanen has been named Managing Director of Visma Tampuuri Oy.

“With Visma we’ll be able to take the Tampuuri software to a whole new level. Our customers will benefit from Visma’s development resources and software components that guarantee our ability to respond to the changing needs in property management now and in the future. Our staff will become part of a growing software company that brings in new career and development opportunities”, Raitanen promises.

Visma already has a leading financial administration solution for properties. Tampuuri complements Visma’s offering in technical property management, property maintenance and management as well as real estate asset development. The acquisition strengthens Visma’s position within real estate management software solutions.

“Together we’re starting on a path to develop future’s total solution for property management customers. Our intention is to build software that will be able to manage properties throughout their whole lifecycle”, Mäntylä continues.

For more information, please contact:
Juha Mäntylä, Managing Director, Visma Software Oy, +358 400 406 767
Juha Raitanen, Business Unit Director, Agenteq Solutions Oy, +358 040 824 4203

Agenteq Solutions Oy/Tampuuri
Agenteq Solutions Oy is part of the Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy group of companies. Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy is a financially sound corporation offering specialist services and software for the whole lifecycle of properties. We have been developing the ERP real estate software Tampuuri for 17 years, and today we are able to enjoy the position as market leader in our field. Tampuuri is the most comprehensive and fastest developing property information system that employs about 100 experts in Salo, Helsinki, Rauma and Savonlinna.