Visma acquires NYCE Solutions and strengthens its focus on software for warehouse management

Visma acquires NYCE Solutions AB, a company that specializes in solving complex storage and logistics situations with its standard software NYCE.LOGIC WMS. The company becomes part of the Visma Retail Division an important addition to the products and services portfolio.

Inventory management, logistics and deliveries have become increasingly central issues for the retail sector and for consumers in their digitized everyday life. Shopping in store is closely linked to shopping online, where processes for e-commerce are moving into the in store shopping experience.

– Consumers expect the seamless shopping experience and takes it for granted. Regardless of whether they started their purchase journey online and finish in store or vice versa. For retailers, it is essential to be able to meet customers expectations in terms of inventory accuracy and quick delivery. With the acquisition of NYCE Solutions Visma Retail strengthens its expertise in a growing core issue for the retail sector, says Peter Fischer, Division Director of Visma Retail.

An industry in transition

Consumers of today are becoming increasingly digitalized, with higher demands on availability and speed. It requires a powerful system that manages the complexity when the processes of purchasing in store and online are merging.

– It is necessary to understand the processes that are behind customers’ and consumers’ tougher requirements. With our expertise in warehouse and inventory management, we solve a major puzzle. In combination with Visma Retail's strength in innovation and long experience of retail systems, we can jointly offer a concept that brings together key issues and resolve challenges that retailers face, says Magnus Nygren, CEO of NYCE Solutions AB.

Passionate about simplifying warehouse management

NYCE Solutions has developed a WMS (Warehouse Management System) which includes functions such as voice picking, warehouse control, cross docking and mobile interfaces. Their customer base is comprised of some of the leading retailers in Sweden, especially e-commerce retailers, but also some of the largest third party logisticians in the Nordic countries. The company is based in Nittorp, Sweden.

– We are particularly happy to continue to hone and develop our business with a strong player like Visma. It is important for us to be part of such an ambitious and growing group, says Magnus Nygren.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Fischer, Division Director of Visma Retail, +46 (0)70-350 61 16, Magnus Nygren, CEO of NYCE Solutions AB, +46 (0)70-869 70 46,

About NYCE Solutions

NYCE Solutions are IT specialists, streamlining and automating both physical flows and information flows which solve complex warehouse and logistics situations. Their warehouse management system NYCE.LOGIC WMS helps companies where logistics is business-critical to achieve efficiency and increase control of the warehouse.

About Visma Retail
Visma Retail help retailers to successfully attract customers to their marketplaces, increase sales through enhanced shopping experience and create loyal customers. This by clever use of technology supporting all the necessary processes at all levels. We offer complete front- and back-office solutions to your business with a wide variety of services. This includes for example point of sale applications, retail ERP, central systems for controlling and monitoring stores, e-commerce, loyalty systems, and services such as project management, implementation, support, technical services and IT operations.