Visma expands the offering in cloud based payroll for SMBs with the acquisition of ProLøn in Denmark

Visma's strategy is to deliver the best payroll and HRM solutions to SMB companies in the Nordics. The key ProLøn products are accessible cloud-based tools for SMBs and their payroll service providers. This is combined with top class training and support by ProLøn's payroll consultants with specialist knowledge. The products offer integration with the vast majority of ERP systems, such as Visma-owned e-conomic, in addition to many time registration and workforce management systems.

The acquisition will expand Visma's offering for efficiency improvement for SMBs in Denmark, and further establish Visma as a provider of complete solutions and services for the segment.

"We have been impressed with the ProLøn team and their commitment to customer success. We believe having ProLøn join the Visma group will create new opportunities and increase value for existing and new customers," says Mads Rebsdorf, Managing Director, Visma e-conomic A/S.

ProLøn with 31 employees has for more than 30 years helped Danish companies streamline their payroll administration, by developing standard solutions tailored for SMB's and specific industries. Visma will continue to strengthen the ProLøn value proposition and explore the opportunities for offering additional relevant products and services to its customers.

"ProLøn has shown remarkable development during the past few years with significant growth. With the shared vision of making payroll processes simple for payroll service providers and SMBs with great software and services, Visma is the perfect partner to take ProLøn to the next level," says Finn Conradsen, Managing Director of ProLøn.

ProLøn has successfully demonstrated that it can grow its business, while maintaining the very high customer satisfaction that has characterised ProLøn through many years, today serving more than 11 000 SMB customers. ProLøn, as part of the SMB division in the Visma group, will continue as an independent entity under the ProLøn brand focused on delivering great products and customer care.

For more information, please contact:
Mads Rebsdorf, Managing Director, Visma e-conomic A/S, +45 21 61 91 00
Finn Conradsen, Managing Director, Proløn A/S, +45 41 78 30 60