Visma acquires Weoptit

Visma Consulting has acquired Weoptit (Myopt Consulting Oy), a leading company in utilising and optimising artificial intelligence. Weoptit delivers business optimisation solutions mainly to large companies, utilising advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation algorithms.

Weoptit represents world-class expertise in optimisation solutions. Their customers are leading companies in Finland and overseas, whose business requires extremely complex data analysis and exploitation. The company has thousands of optimisation world records for the quality and speed of the results.

Weoptit employs 20 experts in Finland and is growing fast. In 2018, their revenue is estimated to be over EUR 2 million. The company will continue to operate under its current name and will become part of Visma’s Custom Solutions division in Finland.

– We are extremely pleased that Weoptit will become part of Visma's growth story. They have outstanding expertise in AI and optimisation solutions, which we have not seen in any other company. Their experts, of whom nearly half are doctoral degree-holders, are also recognised globally in their industry, says Petri Lillberg, Managing Director of Visma Consulting Oy.

– The area of optimisation and AI is one of the fastest-growing areas in Visma Consulting, and we are now investing heavily in it. Weoptit will strengthen our know-how significantly, and in the future, we will be able to provide our customers with superior expertise in this field, Lillberg continues.

– Visma Consulting is one of Finland's leading IT consultancy companies, and joining the Visma family will help us to strengthen our growth significantly, says Weoptit CEO Olli Bräysy.

– We work with some of the most demanding customers overseas and in Finland, delivering highly critical systems to their businesses. Being part of Visma, we step up to a new level in the eyes of our customers, and they can rely on us to develop even more critical systems. Obviously, Weoptit will benefit from Visma's strong customer base and expertise, providing our customers with a wider range of services.

For more information, please contact:

Petri Lillberg, Managing Director, Visma Consulting Oy, +358 40 577 7014

Olli Bräysy, Managing Director, Weoptit, +358 44 359 1974

Visma Consulting Oy

Visma Consulting is a service company focused on IT consulting and software solutions. The company's special expertise includes service design, digital services, tailored IT solutions and business intelligence solutions. The company's customer base is Finnish large companies and the public sector. Visma Consulting's net sales in 2017 were EUR 36 million and its client projects employ nearly 350 people. The company's offices are in Helsinki, Tampere, Lappeenranta and Jyväskylä. Visma Consulting is part of the Nordic Visma Group. For more information, visit:


Weoptit is a Finnish IT service company focusing mainly on consulting projects. The company's special strength is to develop its own optimisation and AI-based tailor-made software solutions based on self-developed algorithms and modelling methods. The company has delivered solutions to almost all major industries and the public sector both in Finland and internationally. In addition to Finland, the company employs experts in Europe, Asia and Australia. Weoptit is working closely with more than 100 industry leaders globally. For further information, please visit: