Strong customer growth for Visma in Q1

150,000 new customers, eight acquisitions and record ARR of EUR 2.4 billion.

Visma achieved revenue of EUR 675 million in the first quarter of 2024, up 18 percent year-over-year, mainly driven by a significant increase in new sales.

A record number of 150,000 new customers joined Visma during the quarter, which means that the Group now delivers mission-critical software to 1.8 million customers in the private and public sectors.

“Demand for modern SaaS business tools remains firm, even in a more uncertain economy, and Visma’s products are attractive in the market. We also continue to benefit from the tailwinds of increased digitalisation in general, with a steadily increasing number of European countries introducing mandatory use of digital solutions to handle critical business processes like accounting, invoicing and tax”, says Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma.

Scalable growth

Annualised Repeatable Revenue (ARR) stood at a record-high level of EUR 2.4 billion at the end of March, representing a growth of 22% year-over-year. EBITDA in Q1 was EUR 203 million, representing a growth of 37 percent compared to the same period in 2023.

“I’m pleased to see that in parallel with strong customer growth, we are maintaining our robust profitability trend. This demonstrates not only the scalability of our business model, but also that our industry-leading investments in product development are paying off, with a continuous stream of new and innovative functionality that brings real value to customers”, says Hverven.

France expansion continues, Italy next

Visma remained active on the M&A front in Q1, with a total of eight acquisitions. In France, the journey towards building a comprehensive product ecosystem for accounting offices continued with the addition of Chaintrust, provider of automated accounting, and Teledec, expert in tax filing solutions.

The Group also expanded its presence in the Portuguese market with the acquisition of InvoiceXpress, and in the Danish market through expense management provider Zebon.

“And while the transaction was finalised in the beginning of Q2, I also want to highlight our entry into the Italian software market through Fiscozen, a leading SaaS platform for tax advisory. The Visma family has now expanded to 32 countries, and M&A will remain a key growth lever in our further expansion”, says Hverven.

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Key highlights for Q1 2024:

Q1 2024 by the numbers

Figures in MEUR Q1 24 Q1 23 Change
Revenue 675 571 +18%
EBITDA 203 148 +37%
Adjusted net income 109 70 +56%

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