Updated key information relating to the cash dividend to be paid by Gram Car Carriers ASA – final dividend amount

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice by Gram Car Carriers ASA ("GCC") on 28 April 2022 with key information on the proposed distribution of a cash dividend. Please see below updated information on the NOK equivalent of the dividend amount of approx. USD 0.0362 per share. The dates remain unchanged.

Dividend amount: Approx. NOK 0.3482 per share, equivalent to approx. USD 0.0362*

Announced currency: NOK

Last day including right: 12 May 2022

Ex-date: 13 May 2022

Record date: 16 May 2022

Payment date: On or about 9 June 2022

Date of approval: 12 May 2022

*The NOK equivalent has been set based on the USD/NOK FX rate of 9.6150.

The proposed dividend will constitute a repayment of the Company's paid-in capital and will be based on GCC's audited interim balance as per 31 March 2022, available on https://gramcar.com/investor/annual-general-meetings.

For further information, please contact:

Georg A. Whist (CEO), georg.whist@gramcar.com

Gunnar S. Kol√łen (CFO), gunnar.koloen@gramcar.com

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Euronext Growth Rule Book part II.