International industry player switches over to eco-rubber using Enviro's reclaimed carbon black

AnVa Polytech’s eco-rubber manufactured with Enviro’s reclaimed carbon black has been approved for use in rubber products within a whole new industry. Within a couple of weeks, eco-rubber will be present in the pipes and fittings of the international piping system manufacturer Alvenius. 

“Each new application that is approved by the industry opens up new opportunities for customers of both facilities and Enviro’s reclaimed materials worldwide,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro

In the wake of their deal with Volvo Cars, AnVa Polytech and Enviro are now listing yet another international company that will be using eco-rubber manufactured with Enviro’s reclaimed black. Alvenius manufactures full steel tube systems that form part of the infrastructure in industrial enterprises, mining, and for water and sewage across the world. The AnVa Polytech–Alvenius deal covers various variants of rubber gaskets that seal such pipe systems.

“The fact that eco-rubber is currently being introduced into a whole new industry segment sends a clear signal to the farthest reaches of the rubber market that eco-rubber containing Enviro's reclaimed materials maintains the same performance as virgin carbon black-based rubber. We are shipping the first orders to Alvenius already in a couple of weeks,” says Jan Bäckström, senior manager of marketing and sales at AnVa Polytech.

“This is just one in a series of applications that AnVa is targeting for eco-rubber replacement. Moreover, each new rubber product that is manufactured using Enviro's reclaimed materials brings us one step closer to a circular economy in the rubber industry,” says Thomas Sörensson.

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