Tammermatic’s mechanical engineering and machine control expertise partially transferred to Etteplan

ETTEPLAN OYJ, News release, June 27, 2024 at 9.30 a.m. (EEST)

Tammermatic’s mechanical engineering and machine control expertise partially transferred to Etteplan

Etteplan and Tammermatic have signed an engineering collaboration agreement and will start collaboration in both mechanical engineering and machine control. According to the agreement, two employees will transfer from Tammermatic to Etteplan as existing employees starting from August 1, 2024.

"Tammermatic is a new customer for us, and our goal is to further develop the engineering operations. The collaboration agreement brings good expertise to Etteplan and offers Tammermatic a strong partner in both mechanical engineering and control system development. At the same time, I would like to warmly welcome the employees transferring from Tammermatic to Etteplan," says Riku Saari, Regional Director at Etteplan.

"The agreement and collaboration with Etteplan bring continuity and new opportunities to our long history of automatic car wash equipment that started in 1966. Behind a functional automatic car wash machine, there is a lot of electrical automation and software technology as well as mechanics. Etteplan's expertise can help us take our operations to the next level. In addition, it is important for us that the transferred employees’ work continues with a new employer," says Pekka Komulainen, CEO of Tammermatic.

For more information:
Riku Saari, Regional Director, Etteplan, tel. +358 40 546 6679
Outi Torniainen, Marketing and Communications Director, Etteplan, tel. +358 10 307 3302
Pekka Komulainen, CEO, Tammermatic, tel. +358 400 149 710


About Tammermatic

Tammermatic is the only domestic manufacturer of automatic vehicle washing systems that offers washing machines for both passenger vehicles and heavy equipment in Finland. We provide our customers with comprehensive vehicle washing-related services, such as maintenance and repair services, spare parts, water recycling systems, self-service washing equipment, and remote monitoring - not forgetting the washing chemicals.

Etteplan in brief

Etteplan is a growing technology service company with the purpose of bringing people and technologies together to change things for the better. Together with our customers, we are building a world where every system, process, and product can be made smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. Our customers include world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry.

In 2023, we had a turnover of EUR 360.0 million and around 4,000 professionals in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark and China. Etteplan's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd under the ETTE ticker. www.etteplan.com