Tero Kiviniemi appointed the President and CEO of Destia

Destia’s Board of Directors has appointed Tero Kiviniemi, MScEng, eMBA (b. 1971) as the President and CEO of Destia Group Plc. Kiviniemi will start in his new position next summer, by 1 July 2018 at the latest.

Tero Kiviniemi currently works as Executive Vice President at YIT. Kiviniemi has worked at YIT’s Business Premises and Infrastructure segment since 1996 and served as its head since 2014.

He chairs the boards of Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Construction pool and he has served as a board member at both the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries and the Confederation of Finnish Industries for several years.

"Tero Kiviniemi has strong expertise in customer-centred infrastructure construction and a proven track record of successful business management. His extensive networks in both the construction sector and business life in general will support the profitable growth of Destia’s operations. Tero Kiviniemi will bring a new kind of leadership culture and his robust expertise in infrastructure construction to Destia. In order to benefit from all the top expertise we have in our company, we need a participatory approach to leadership. I am convinced that Kiviniemi is the best person to lead Destia to our next phase of development," says Arto Räty, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Destia.

"Kiviniemi will continue the development steps initiated by our acting President and CEO Arto Pohjonen and work to create a collaborative, customer-centred corporate culture. We are confident that Destia’s results and profitability will improve considerably under Kiviniemi’s leadership," says Hans Sohlström, President and CEO of Ahlström Capital and Vice Chairman of Destia’s Board of Directors.

"I believe that Destia has everything it takes to become unrivalled in the infrastructure sector, and I am eager to steer the company towards a new phase. Destia’s infrastructure expertise is strong and extensive, and the company has come a long way in digitalisation. Together with Destia’s employees, we will develop a company that relies on its human resources and corporate culture as the ultimate success factors," Tero Kiviniemi comments.

Arto Pohjonen, who started as the acting President and CEO of Destia on 7 August 2017, will continue in his post until Kiviniemi becomes the new President and CEO.

Tero Kiviniemi’s resume and photograph are available on Destia’s webpage at https://www.destia.fi/en/destia/management-and-corporate-governance/tero-kiviniemi

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Arto Räty, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Destia
Hans Sohlström, President and CEO of Ahlström Capital and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Destia
Tero Kiviniemi, President and CEO of Destia (starting summer 2018)

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