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26.10.2016 at 9.00 (CET+1)

This is a summary of the Destia’s interim report for January-September 2016. The complete report with tables is attached to this release and available at

Destia’s interim report for January−September 2016


Market guidance for 2016 changed

Key figures (IFRS), MEUR 7-9/2016 7-9/2015 1-9/2016 1-9/2015 1-12/2015
Revenue 152.0 152.2 352.1 331.8 462.8
Operating result 11.4 11.5 10.2 7.9 12.9
% of revenue 7.5 7.6 2.9 2.4 2.8
Result for the period 8.4 8.3 6.7 3.6 6.7
% of revenue 5.5 5.5 1.9 1.1 1.5
Return on investment, % 10.7 8.2 9.4
Earnings per share, EUR 65.90 24.49 56.14
Equity ratio, % 30.6 29.2 31.2
Net gearing, % 48.6 83.5 32.6
Average personnel 1,485 1,505 1,505
Occupational accidents resulting in absence from work*) 7.5 7.1 7.6
Order book at the end of review period 749.0 753.0 717.4
*) Occupational accidents per one million working hours

President & CEO Hannu Leinonen comments on the reporting period:

“Destia’s revenue and operating result increased in comparison with the same period the previous year as a result of a recovering infrastructure market. I am satisfied with the development of our order book despite intense competition. As the number of large projects has declined, we have succeeded in increasing our number of private customers as a result of investments we have made in customer work. During the summer gone by, Destia employed a record number of trainees and summer workers to support our professionals, which shows that there are future experts interested in the sector.  

Destia’s strategy extending until 2022 is divided into three three-year operating periods. This year sees the end of the first three-year business planning period. During this period, we have succeeded in increasing our share in the growth spearheads of the period, track construction and maintenance, and rock construction. With regard to energy construction, we are continuing to prepare to achieve growth.

The results of the annual personnel survey carried out by an external organisation during the reporting period are positive. The overall average of the survey on a scale of 1 to 5 was 3.91, and it has been increasing for several years now. The grades that Destia received as a company and as an employer were also good. Overall, the results were also clearly better than those achieved by similar companies. The results of the personnel survey show that the steps taken to develop personnel are bearing fruit.

In the reporting period, we set the targets for the new three-year period and determined the focus areas in order to reach them.”

Outlook for 2016

The Finnish economy is expected to grow slightly this year, particularly supported by construction investments. Demand for infrastructure construction is expected to remain approximately the same as in the early part of the year. Regionally, construction is focused on the capital region, but the action programme formulated in the government discussion on spending limits in the spring will balance the situation by including projects from around Finland. As the number of large infrastructure projects declines, a great number of smaller projects will be put out to tender. This is expected to keep the situation in the infrastructure market unchanged.

The prospects for the infrastructure sector and Destia’s order book, which extends over several years, provide a good basis for the positive development of revenue. The measures that have been taken towards improving customer work and project management will help to keep business volumes and cash flow on a moderate level, in spite of intense competition.

Market guidance for 2016

Destia’s revenue for 2016 is expected to grow, and operating profit is expected to be on the same level as the previous year.

Market guidance for 2016 changed:

Vantaa, 25 October 2016

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Destia interim report Q3 2016


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